Fish ‘n’ chips

Sometimes, poetry is meant to be heard and not read… (.7 mb. .46 min)

Fish ‘n’ chips on the Clyde
Fish ‘n’ chips on the side
Fish ‘n’ chips with too much salt
Fish ‘n’ chips and watching boats
Fish ‘n’ chips and sunny clouds
Fish ‘n’ chips and funny crowds
Fish ‘n’ chips and ugly dogs
Fish ‘n’ chips without the smog
Fish ‘n’ chips and coffee cold
Fish ‘n’ chips where ice cream sold
Fish ‘n’ chips where joggers sweat
Fish ‘n’ chips on wet park bench
Fish ‘n’ chips where sea gulls swoop
Fish ‘n’ chips where sea gulls poop
Fish ‘n’ chips with nip on the nose
Fish ‘n’ chips with nip on the toes
Fish ‘n’ chips is rubbish food, but
Fish ‘n’ chips taste so good
Fish ‘n’ chips and mountain sides
Fish ‘n’ chips on the Clyde !.

Get the picture ?


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It’s great to be alive !

The car rolls three times
And bounces off a tree
That’s one I’ve survived
It’s great to be alive !.

A few cuts and bruises
Remind me of my breath
That’s one I’ve survived
It’s great to be alive !.

Hindsight brings clear vision
And makes the forest clear
That’s one I’ve survived
It’s great to be alive !.

Those rain clouds look Divine
It’s great to live in time
That’s one I’ve survived
It’s great to be alive !.

Another chance of life
Another glance at time
Another chance to love
It’s great to be alive !.

Seeing life as precious
And how that love is life
Another chance to love
It’s great to be alive !.

The life-joy of forgiveness
And letting go of luggage
Another chance to thrive
It’s great to be alive !.

A supernatural cradling
I know that God is mine
Another chance for Love
It’s great to be alive !.

A resurrected life….after a near fatal accident. Even rain clouds (problems) look great !.


You can listen or download my reading of this poem here. (892kb 1 min)

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His Love

Verse 1

His love is beautiful
His love immutable
His love is suitable to me
For His kindnesses
Come to my weaknesses
For He is the Love in me.
Continually loving me.

Verse 2

His love is natural
Beyond the dutiful
His love immovable to me
I’m now His righteousness
Flows from His faithfulness
He is the Life in me
The Vine Life transfers to me.


His satisfaction
Satisfies me
Nothing more to do
The God of perfection
Grows inside me
Nothing more to prove
Proves the beautiful.

Verse 3

His love is wonderful
His love emotional
His love is musical to me
I found the natural note
That resonates my soul
He is the Life in me
His love is life in me

Words and music by Peter Hall. Copyright Scot Free Music 2015.

You can listen or download the song here. (2.3mb 2.29 mins)

You can download the ukulele chords to the song here.


Song in “F”

Think I’ll write another song
Maybe short or maybe long
With some spontaneity
Taking life too seriously.

In my chair taking a rest
Think I’ll write the song in “F”
I don’t look like a movie star
It’s just me and my guitar.


Chorus 1
After caring for the flock
feel I’m wound up like a clock
Need to feed the mind an soul
And let creative juices flow.


Smell of coffee in my nose
Tartan socks warm up my toes
Hell-o-vision shows the rugby
Goes well with my toast and honey.

Comes a time to waste some time
Thankfulness is not a crime
Being grateful for the day
While the six strings help me pray.


Chorus 2
Hear the birds & smell a rose
In your head and comfy clothes
Walk along the Firth of Clyde
With my lady by my side.


So there’s my little song
Hope it wasn’t short or long
Keep your spontaneity
Don’t take self too seriously.

Keep your spontaneity
Don’t take self so seriously.


Words & Music, guitar & vocals copyright by Peter Hall. Scot Free Music 2015


You can listen or download  the song here. 3.3mb. 3.35mins

(The “lick” in “F” & “C” replicates a wee trick I use on the 6 string lapsteel by bending the 5th string with my ring finger behind the bar/steel…thought you were wondering about that…)


Think for yourself (Christian Punk Poetry ;)

You can listen to, or download the poem here. 2.4 mb. 2.36 mins.

Thinking for yourself
isn’t such a crime
or life will come by stealth
and leave you drinking lime

Don’t believe their lies
and their selfish ways
It will cost you time
Take it from your pay.

Think for yourself
Don’t second guess
end up in a mess
Bad game of chess

Think for yourself
Drop the bad press
God’s ways are “yes”
Make some progress

Commentaries galore
add to what He said
the commentaries are whores
who complicate the text.

Copy cat on the mat
Monkey see monkey do
Makes your mind very slack
Puts your strings out of tune….

It’s not about revival
or second coming ways
It’s when you read the Bible
& hear what Jesus says

It wasn’t always right
what they said in the past
as the preachers fight
So you do what they ask.

Now what ?

Trust the Holy Spirit
Listen to His Truth
adding nothing to it
To what you always knew

Thinking for yourself
isn’t such a crime
The Life is what He says
and leaves you drinking wine.

Think for yourself
Don’t second guess
Less is more
More is less
Think for yourself
Don’t second guess
Less is more
More is less

Think “law of liberty”
means now you are free
Think for yourself.

Copyright by Peter Hall. Scot Free Music 2015

Trying too hard (Christian Punk poetry ;) Live !

Rock and roll takes its toll
Puts you down the toilet hole
You never make it in the fold
They never want to see your scroll

Calm their fears tickle their ears
Before they give you love and cheers
But you have to buy their beers
Their attention is far too dear.

On the shelf protect yourself
Or you’re no good for anyone else
In the heat you’ll just melt
In your heart this must be felt.

Too intense advice I lend
Trying too hard makes you pretend
It’s all your fault if they don’t spin
And listen to what comes out your chin.

Sometimes you just try too hard
To make it happen near and far
In your mind hop in your car
And take drive up to the stars.

Relax relax and stop the boat
You don’t change the mess below
Release the catch and what’s in tow
For love and life come as a flow.

You can download the poem here (live performance at the Edinburgh Fringe 2015)


In the space created without alcohol
Where there’s no wasteful drinking,
Gives room for life to thrive
And allows a galaxy of thinking.

In the space created by forgiveness
Where feelings can be tempered,
Life extends without need
To reconcile with the offender.

In the space created by empathy
Putting yourself in their shoes,
Fosters an understanding
Of the contrary point of view.

In the space created by love
There’s an expanse to be yourself,
Bereft of expectations
Of living in their dark cell.

In the space created by a cross
A victory for the Universe,
And the law of liberty
Bringing heaven to Earth.


“Ephesians‬ ‭5:18‬ ‭AMP‬‬ “And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery; but ever be filled and stimulated with the [Holy] Spirit”.

Ephesians‬ ‭1:20-21‬ ‭NKJV‬‬. “which He worked in Christ when He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly places, far above all principality and power and might and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this age but also in that which is to come.”


All things have changed

You can download or listen to the song here. (1.45 mins, 1.6 mb)

Deep down in the middle of my mind
There’s a part I just can’t satisfy
It’s a corner of my mind I can never seem to fill
It’s still there after all that I try
I wonder why

Now all things have changed
All things are new
Jesus came to live in me
And He lives inside
And He fills the empty parts of my mind.

Now I know Him there’s a new way to live
From the new life that’s living inside
No longer feeling there is nothing to give
After all the these tears that I’ve cried
I’m satisfied.

Cos all things have changed….

Words, Music, guitar & vocals Copyright by Peter Hall.


Google it

I had some friends over for tea
To sing happy birthday to me
I forgot to buy the KFC
So thought I’d give them a treat
So when you want to eat Chinese
And you really want to noodle it…

Just Google it !.

Their money gifts made me rich
Making money seemed like a cinch
I didn’t need a salesmanship pitch
To make myself a little niche
When you need to know the dollar
and how value of the rubel sits…

Just Google it !.

The Facebook photos made me seen
To all of my friendly team
At least that’s how it seems
Please hit “like” on your Computer screen
When you’re insecure
And you need a new approval hit…

Just Google it !

Looking for identity
And where your family history fits,

Need to know the goss
And the latest greatest show biz split,

Need to make a speech
And you need a joke to show your whit,

You know what to do !…

When you need to know your clan
And the colour of your tartan kilt…

Just Google it !.

Words & Music by Peter Hall Scotfree music. 1.7.2015

You can listen to, or download the song here. (1.5 mb. 1.38 mins)



Two Adams:
Sin through one
The other said “it’s done”.

Two gardens:
One was a paradise
The other where He agonised.

Two thorns:
Sin’s crown from a curse
Then for the King who had it reversed.

Two women:
One bought a lie to our race
The other reveals His eternal Grace.

Two seeds:
Death from the serpent’s lie
And life from the women’s thigh.

Two swords:
One guards the garden in the dark
The other stabs the King in His heart

Two garments:
One covered guilt and shame
The other is a gift that righteousness claims.

Two trees:
One pleasing to the eye yet bad for food
The other brings life and is always good.


Thoughts on reading this poem;

– there are 8 stanzas. 8 is the number of resurrection. Jesus was resurrected in the “eighth day”. Circumcision happened on the 8th day…in the new covenant, our circumcision is of the heart: we could say it is also the number of a new creation identity. Jesus showed Himself 8 times after His resurrection. In Noah’s ark, 8 were saved. The Greek number for Jesus is 888.

– The second or contrasting line is the new covenant resurrection truth that contrasts the first line truth “where” Christ redeemed us from.

– after each stanza’s heading is a colon: which is two dots. A colon Is a pause before introducing related information, or expanding on the “coloned” thought. The two subsequent lines expand on the seed thought in the heading; two dots: two contrasting thoughts: death then life; two contrasting covenants: pre-cross and post-cross.

– The number “two” in scripture has few meaning that this poems highlights. “Two” is the number of unity: the unity of “creation and redemption”; the unity of God and the human race before the fall and after the cross. It can also be the number of “division”: the division of relationship between God and the human race, the division the fall bought between the Father and the Son at calvary, the division of sin and righteousness. It is also the number of “witness”; the witness of Christ to the world of His righteousness, the witness of the redemption to a fallen race.

– each stanza is in order of events: that is, they are progressive. God’s redemption is a progressive revelation of of His nature and person. The Kingdom of God is a seed that grows.

If you allow it, poetry can open your mind and make your think, then know, then experience the quality of the Life of Christ. Many of my poems have meaning beyond the words. Enjoy !.


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