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The darker the better

Hiding under her blankets
The darker the better
….presses her button to drop the blinds
The darker the better.

The only light comes from the flicker of the horror movie
Where the hellovision screen is her mirror…it makes her feel at home.

Her clothes fit her well;
– Aching uncertainty
– Dark forebodings
– Tender pessimism
The mirror keeps reminding her.

The bottle of emptied Johnny Walker speaks:
“You’ve stopped walking”,
The dropped blind says
“You’ve stopped seeing”,
The mirror confirms:
“This is what you’ve become”.

The arteries have hardened…her heart pumps without a beat.

With the press of a button
The blind can go up
The screen can stop its lies
The heater could fire up.

But in her caged freedom…
She has made her choice.

Her eyes narrow as she focuses harder on the screen…

The darker the better.



Note: this is a description of a women in her late 20’s who lodged with a friend. This was her life in her room; empty whisky bottles, watching depressing shows on her Netflix account as she curls under her blankets. She was offered help, and a new identity in Christ….but she made her choice. How many more are there like her ?.

Darker the better


Alva Highland Games

The Sun was hot
The sky was blue
The hills were green
Is Alva’s cue,
For highlands games
Set in June
Tartan dancing
Bagpipes tunes.

Men in kilts
Built like tanks
Toss the caber
To cheers & thanks,
Fish and chips
Ice cream, beer
Alva’s time
Once a year.