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The Battle

Sweat dripping
Blood dropping
To the ground just at His feet,
Satan laughing
Satan mocking
To deceive Him to defeat.
People scowling
People screaming
“Put Him on a cross”,
Father crying
His Son dying
He weeps over His loss.


One angry thief
The other thankful,
Three criminals hanging there,
Pain is stinging
Demons singing
Forsaken royalty laid bare.
Love cries out
Please forgive them
They know not what they do,
Head bows down
A thorny crown
Resurrection coming soon.


Satan laughs
“Iv’e won
You pathetic so called King”,
Demons dancing
Sin is prancing
“You lose, I win”.
Empty tomb
Sin removed
At resurrection’s dawn,
The power of grace
The power of love
Overcomes sins brawn.
12 disciples
12 Apostles
Only being a few,
People healing
Grace a’teaching
Begins to spread the news.
Many martyrs
Church’s seed
Millions now are sons,
Christ returning
Love is yearning
The battle now is won !.


Reading of this poem here

Without Christ in me

Without Christ in me

I am unacceptable.
Without Christ in me
I am incomplete.
Without Christ in me
In am unacknowledgable.
Without Christ in me 
Unrighteousness is replete.
Without Christ in me
There is no hope of glory.
Without Christ in me
There is nothing good within.
Without Christ in me
There’s no confident story.
Without Christ in me
I’d swirl in Adam’s sin.
Without Christ in me
I am insecure.
Without Christ in me
My flesh would be a gun
Without Christ in me
I am unaffirmed.
Without Christ in me
I wouldn’t be a son.
The centurion answered and said, Lord, I am not worthy that You should come under my roof. But only speak a word, and my servant will be healed. (Matthew 8:8 NKJV)

to the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He made us accepted in the Beloved. (Ephesians 1:6 NKJV)

and you are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power. (Colossians 2:10 NKJV)

To whom God was pleased to make known how great for the Gentiles are the riches of the glory of this mystery, which is Christ within and among you, the Hope of [realizing the] glory. (Colossians 1:27 AMP)

A man of strong conviction

Every know and then
The world produces a leader,
One who makes a difference
Who knows he’s a brother’s keeper,
Who doesn’t approve of common wisdom
And swims agains the tide
Is concerned more for truth
Than taking an easy ride.

A great Grandfather of mine
James Dornan from Wigtown,
Left his crofter’s life
To fight evil in Glasgow,
Scotland said “welcome”
In eighteen seventy five
“we need a leader like you
to contribute to Scottish life”.

A crofter at twenty two
Became a policeman at twenty three
Then became a young detective
Fighting crime on Glasgow streets,
As a very young detective
Oscar Slater was arrested,
A well known Glasgow criminal
But this murder; he didn’t do it.

With an impatient Scotland public
Wanting a result in the case,
The media getting excited
Seems “guilty” is Oscar’s fate,
But going against the flow
James said he disagreed
Being a contrary witness
Saying he disagreed.

Even the Sherlock Holmes writer
Outraged, wrote a book,
Highlighting the injustice
Making many to have a look,
At what is reallly truth
That’s James was all about,
He began to rise in authority
Being promoted in detective clout.

Now a detective lieutenant
Number two in the Policeman’s tree,
He must have been able to lead
And solve things logically,
And be able to get on with people
Yet be a husband and father,
Eight children in a terraced flat
A success at every layer.

So how do I see him now ?
Well in his photos I see,
The warmth in his portrait
Yet detective authority,
A man of strong conviction
Who rose above the crowd,
To my great great Grandfather
I am quite proud.

Middle top photo – Detective John Trench is seated to James Dornan’s left. He also thought Slater was innocent. For his stand, he lost his job and life pension. He had a wife and 6 children.

Here is a photo taken from the TV screen on a “Scottish television” documentary on the case. James Dornan is handcuffed to Slater. Dornan is on the top of the stairs. Dornan was in charge of the Marine Division of the Glasgow CID, and also deputy detective.
Dornan boat slater tv

You cannot see God by wisdom

“God in His wisdom has chosen that you cannot see Him by wisdom.” Charles Peters

By wisdom you cannot see God
But only with a pure heart,
As heart purity turns you to Him
The Spirit will do His part.

For it’s only by revelation
Can you discover The Lord,
Not by mind or knowledge
Can you know He is God.

God in wisdom has chosen
We don’t know Him by wisdom,
But by faith and revelation alone
For He’s King of another Kingdom.

Matthew 5:8 “Spiritually prosperous are those who are pure in the sphere of the heart, because they themselves shall see God.” (Wuest Version)

1 Corinthians 1:21 “in the wisdom of God, the world system through its wisdom did not come to have an experiential knowledge of God, God saw fit through the aforementioned foolishness…to save those who believe.” (Wuest Version)

National Identity

I don’t think we understand
Something we all believe,
Is identity from the country
From which we are all native ?.

Does the person who we are
Come from our land of birth,
Or are there other labels
That define our value and worth ?.

The poilticians to get unity
In our face will fly a flag,
And create a common ground
Put my identity in their bag.

However that is not what makes us
The people who we are,
It’s a centuries old deception
In all countries near and far.

We sing the national anthem
As if that defines my life,
Cheer on the national sports team
While the beer chills out in ice.

But I don’t blame the leaders
For doing such a thing,
Without the defining One
We need an anthem to sing.

But I know who I am
Does not come from Sydney,
But a secret I discovered
Living on the journey.

That the labels that I have
Do not come from self,
The what the Father says
And gives me to myself.

I’m not tied to a country
Or something that I do,
But the life that I’ve been given
And whom I belong to.

In Him all things exist
In Him all things cohere,
Whatever country you’re from
Identity and value lives here !.

Parking lot number 23

Off the royal mile in Edinburgh
Is the saddest sight you’ll see,
The freshly laid Tarmac
Of parking lot number 23.

At West Parliament square
You can park your car for free,
Over the body of John Knox
Under parking lot 23.

Knox bought health care for all
And then education for free,
But they could only honour him
With parking lot 23.

He bought the Scottish reformation
And the Christ who sets you free,
How he changed the world
Belies parking lot 23.

He had the ear of the western world
Even The Queen of Scots had to agree,
With his message that changed us all
Came from parking lot 23.

We must remember this man
Couldn’t we even charge a fee ?,
As a world class worthy monument
To parking lot number 23 ?.

John Knox is buried under lot 23. A statue of King Charles is 5 lots away. We are not very consistent are we ?.

Under the new Covenant

In the hardest place
I have His grace
He won the fight
For my legal rights
My rights I claim
In His superior name
Under the new covenant.

I have His peace
Not as the world gives
By Gracious power
Each moment and hour
Sacrificed blood
Flows transforming love
Under the new covenant.

Promised to the Son
Is righteousness won
By faith alone
To heirs and sons
Sealed by His Spirit
Now nothing can inhibit
The power of the new covenant.

I’ll take my part 
With a co-operating heart
What He initiates
I’ll co-operate
Because He gives
A new way to live
Under the new covenant.

Saturday Afternoon Shinty

Saturday afternoon shinty
Watching the BBC,
You know you live in Scotland
When your watching the TV,
And 24 men playing shinty
With a caman in their hand,
Ball fizzing through the air
With the backdrop of the highlands.

This home grown highland game
Played with courage and skill,
Played with local identity
Played with toughness of will,
Four seasons in one broadcast
Sun then wind then rain,
Provide the stunning stage
For actors playing in pain.

Don’t say it looks like hockey
Two completely different games,
Gaelic is shinty’s roots
This is a highland game,
Just watch the BBC
You’ll be a fan for life,
And let the shinty game
Give you a little spice.

The Camanachd cup final
Is the best game of the year,
The best teams on the Earth
Face their battle scarred fears,
It doesn’t matter who wins
Or what other team gets rolled,
For both the teams who play
Are the best teams in the world !.

Are you game ?

The Mask

He wakes up in the morning
And regrets another day,
Puts on his daily mask
To prove that he’s OK.

Gets ready for his work
With a feeling that he dreads,
He wants to look in control
And wise in all he says.

Turning up for work
His face is all smiles,
But he wishes he was elsewhere
About a million miles.

Portraying a lot of confidence
But inside is self hate,
Producing a tension within
He wishes he wasn’t a fake.

But he survives another day
He’s made it once again,
Feeling insecure
Like a failure feeling condemned.

He turns on the T.V.
After tea with kids and wife,
A chance to escape
This hell they call his life.

But a knock at the front door
It’s a few family friends,
He puts the mask back on
He wants the night to end.

As he goes to bed he thinks
“I’m nearly at the end of self,
I need some outside help”
He puts the mask back on the shelf.

The Truth that sets me free

Where does the richness of life come from ?
Where on Earth do you get your song ?
Where do we go so we can belong ?.
The truth always sets us free.

Where do we get our identity ?
What is your focus ? What do you see ?
How do I get to be satisfied with “me” ?
The truth always sets us free.

I need a power beyond myself
I need a sacrifice to save me from self
More than comfort and more than help
The truth always sets me free.

More than thoughts but revelation
Not behaviour but nature transformation
the way to the answer is Jesus the person
He’s the Truth that sets me free.