All material is available for free
unless commercially used where there is a fee
either way please acknowledge my name
if it was your material you would want the same.

Music, poems and lyrics may be used
this privilege is not to be abused
copyright laws apply right here
but permission will be granted with good cheer.

Please mark “Copyright by Peter Hall”
and “used by permission” for one & all
A little commission wouldn’t go astray
So I can continue to have my say.

This poem is used by permission and is copyright by Peter Hall.


3 thoughts on “Copyright

  1. Hilarius Riese says:

    Hello Mr. Hall,
    I’d like to contact you via e-mail, but couldn’t found your adress.

    I study photography in Germany and just did my final bachelor project in scotland.
    I would really like to use one of your poems as an introduction/foreword for my photobook.
    Could you answer me on ,so I could explain my thoughts to you?

  2. Jacky Burke says:

    Dear Peter,

    My name is Jacky Burke I’m a production coordinator who works for ITV. I’ve been asked to contact you to try get permission to use one of your poems called ‘Smelling The Coffee On The Isle Of Skye’. Would be wonderful if you can drop me a quick email as soon as your able so we can have a quick chat about it. My email address is

    Many Thanks

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