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12,000 miles sounds closer


My first grandchild
Looks back at me through her lens
18,000 kilometres away
12,000 miles sounds closer.

The eyes cut through the separation
The innocent smile brings joy and pain
That co habitate like the knowledge of heaven and hell.

The exuberance
The energy
The beauty
Awakens the soul from it’s rest.

The eyes ask no questions of my weaknesses
The face cuts through the Scottish mist like a glad glint of sun.

The smile confirms the present
And says “I am your future”.


My daughter in law posted this photo of my grandaughter on social media. She is in Australia. I am in Scotland. We are 18,000 kilomtres apart. 12,000 miles sounds closer !.

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Estranged in the mind

And you, who once were alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works, yet now He has reconciled in the body of His flesh through death, to present you holy, and blameless, and above reproach in His sight— (‭Colossians‬ ‭1‬:‭21-22‬ NKJV)

Estranged in the mind
By wicked works
That secure the constant lie
That even though married
We live in separate houses
God and me.

The mind lies
The mind numbs
The mind screams
The mind alienates.

But God has not moved.
The covenant of promise is the reality
That overides the mind voice
Like a lighthouse sword
Fighting the constant crushing waves
But always wins
Ready for the next tide
The next wave

The mind now one with truth
Lives in the same house
God and me.

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Highland Laddie

He was a highland laddie 
Grew up in the great glen
Played shinty for Fort William
A man amongst men.

He played the highland pipes
With heartbeat rhythms felt
That pumped his blood within
While wearing his clan’s kilt.

Fishing at Loch Linnie
Would stir his Gaelic pride
As he viewed the heather
His Lassie by his side…

…he wakes up from his dream
And yet his dream lives on
To prove his Scottishness 
And confirm where he comes from.


The watery grave

The watery grave
Is proof I was saved.

It wasn’t my death
Only the funeral
For a life on Death Road.

God is so practical.
Doesn’t use dirt
Only a liquid grave:
A useful coffin
For a useless life.

Then a watery resurrection 
Something that has never existed before
Rises powerfully,
To an endless life
With unnatural desires
For a consummate God.

Exchanged offering
Exchanged capacity
For a watery entrance;
Wonderful !.

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Weight of relationship


Joined together by weight of relationship 
Nothing else.

Dig in
Stand strong in the good soil

Weeds grow around it
Try to look big and powerful 
Gone as quick as they grow
Vulnerable to seasons and times.

The stones still stand
Nothing to prove
They are who they are
Stones, strong, resistant to weather
Bound together by its own strength
By the weight of relationship.

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Because such is life

People with their dogs
People with their cats
Falling off a log
Slipping on a mat.

Smoking cigarettes 
Breathing selfishness
Sport heroes largess
Demonic effectiveness.

Misunderstood opinion 
Nail in a tyre
Tears from an onion
Smoke from a fire.

Pains in the neck
Patience always tried
Useless getting upset
Because such is life.

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