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I’m missing you

It’s the shortest day of the year
And the Christmas lights are flashing
And I’m missing you, I’m missing you.

The snow looks like a carpet
But has only one set of footprints
And I’m missing you, I’m missing you.

The Scotland winter rolls on
The Aussie summer rolls down your back
And I’m missing you, I’m missing you.

Chorus 1

It’s cold here in the North
Your hot there in the South
Your motherly duties call
Breaking down some walls,

I’m thinking of your warmth
On the other side of the world
And I’m missing you, I’m missing you.

The silence of the evening
Rings loudly in my ears
And I’m missing you, I’m missing you.

We’ve been through so much
We’ve walked the road together
And I’m missing you, I’m missing you.

Chorus 2

But you’ve a job to do
That needed to be done
Your daughter calls your name
And then there’s your two sons,

It seems like forever
Till I see your Glasgow smile
And I’m missing you, I’m missing you.

Words and music by Peter Hall. 23.12.2013



The Gift

The wise men came with their gifts
Gold for a King,
Frankincense for a priest
Myrrh for anointing,
For a King who came to us
Reaching out again,
With a gift of loving grace
Extending to us His hand.


The Gift that came two thousand years ago’
Was for all time,
For Baby Jesus was soon to give His life
For humankind,
For this Gift was wrapped in love
Soon to pay our price in blood
Freely given gift to us.

This Wise Man is that gift
He is the King,
The sacrificial lamb and priest
Our new way to begin,
Invading our space and time
To save us from ourselves,
This Gift that comes for free
At great expense to Himself.

Words & Music by Peter Hall. Copyright.


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The Christ-mas exchange

He was born in a stable
So I could live in the House of God.

He became a baby
So I could mature as a man.

He became poor
so I could become rich.

He was born of the seed of a women
So I can be born of God.

He took our flesh
So I can take His Spirit.

He came to Earth
So I can go to Heaven.

He took on the body of sin
So I can have a glorious body.

The wise men sought Him
So I could become wise when I see Him.

He became an orphan
So I could be a son.

He experienced my pain
So I could experience His life.

The morning star rose above His cradle
So I could be cradled by the new life of the morning star.

The Son of God became the son of man
so that sons of men might become sons of God


The Daystar

The Daystar shines…

Gold for a King
Frankensence for a Priest
Myrrh for a Saviour.

The clouds gather…

Crown of thorns for a King
A seamless purple robe for a Priest
Sour vinegar on a stick for a suffering Saviour.


A throne for the King
Human temples for the Priest
Resurrection power for the Saviour

The Daystar shines in hearts…forever !.


Matthew 2:1 “Where is He who has been born King of the Jews? For we have seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him.”

2 Peter 19-20 We couldn’t be more sure of what we saw and heard—God’s glory, God’s voice. The prophetic Word was confirmed to us. You’ll do well to keep focusing on it. It’s the one light you have in a dark time as you wait for daybreak and the rising of the Morning Star (Daystar – KJV) in your hearts….


Merry Christmas & Happy Easter…to all wise men.


Keep your eye on the big picture

When the dots won’t joint together
And the planets don’t always align
When circumstance lets you down
Keep your eye on the big picture.

When people disappoint
And there’s a gap between actions and words
When weakness creeps above the hidden surface
Keep your eye on the big picture.

When the black dog starts to bark
And the birds peck holes in your thoughts
When the snake comes knocking your door
Keep your eye on the big picture.

When tribulation hooks onto your smile
And persecution stares down your position
Then misunderstanding dissolves your confidence
Keep your eye in the big picture.

When a cloud covers you with a black shadow
Until the rain erodes away resistance
As the torrent carries you away
Keep your eye on the big picture.

When the critic blurs your focus
And they tell you what others are saying
And the pinprick looks like a bullet hole
Keep your eye on the big picture.



Fighting Territory

The Irish Republican Army
Through clenched teeth will fight,
So all with Irish accents
Will hear “Ireland’s call” and unite.

The cowboys sings of the country
Mountains and farms and all that,
Though he is from the city
he’ll wear his ten gallon hat.

The American is so proud
He was born on the Fourth of July,
He sings the “star spangled banner”
With hand on heart as he cries.

The Australian larrikin is proud
Of their beaches, forests and sun,
That he is “young and free”
With BBQ and beer soaked fun.

The Scotsman wears His kilt
And recites what Burns may have said,
About the braveheart spirit
That against the Englishmen bled.

Then there’s the twelve year old boy
Thinks “in what can I now be proud” ?,
He’ll wear his football jersey
With the thousands in the stand with the crowd.

These all have something in common
It’s the same thing that drives them all,
It’s all about their identity
By this we all stand or fall.

The identity is the powerful force
That drives all of life’s decisions,
To understand motivation
The identity is the heart’s incision.

For this we’ll defend to the death
For that is our fighting territory,
Because it’s who we are
Where belief comes from, our identity.


Note: “Ireland’s call” is the anthem sung by the Irish rugby team which is made up of both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

“Young and free” is in Australia’s national anthem

“Larrikin” is Australian slang for a person who is a bit cheeky

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