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Inconvenient detours

God’s ways can seem twisted and winding
The right path seems short of the finding
The most convenient thing to do
But there’s a truth known by the few.

That evil tidings in the world abounds
Seeking to steal your victors crown
Unsuitable detours trod by the waiter
Are really God’s plan for something greater !.


Saul was the son of striving (1 Samuel 9:1 “son of Aphiah”). He had to find his fathers donkeys and after many travels and detours, he met Samuel who was to anoint him King. God found the donkeys for Saul in the end (grace is not striving but letting Him do the work).  The unsuitable, awkward and inconvenient detours made him see Samuel. Inconvenient detours may be in God’s plan for something greater. Later, the best part of the sacrifice was saved for Saul; it was set apart for him: 1 Samuel 9:24. Saul, through the inconvenient, came into God will and plan.

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