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I want to be a fisher of men just like you

The Holy Spirit went fishing,
I am one of His catch,
He searched for me and found me
on my destructive beach.

Then He reeled me in so tenderly
Till I was in His care,
Bought me into His Kingdom
A new identity there.

But now I feel a compulsion
To be a fisher of men,
So I cast my line
Over the loch and glen.

I get so excited
When I feel a tug on the line,
When a fish can see the life
That comes from the One True Vine.

I also get disappointed
With the one that gets away,
But there’ll be some more bait
For the one that goes astray.

I’ll keep on giving them Jesus
There’s plenty of fish in the queue,
Cos’ I want to be a fisher
A fisher of men just like You.


It’s what he lost; not what he won

A Scottish hero was Eric Liddell
Though he left the fold,
To preach the Kingdom in China
Despite His fame and gold.

He won the gold in the 400
And bronze in the 200 too,
In the 1924 Olympics 
And a rugby man through and through.

But Jesus asked the question
What would you give for your soul ?
If you choose to lose your life
You gain life greater than gold.

After a short forty three years
He heard the Father’s “well done”
For what makes him a hero
Is what he lost, not what he won.

Eric Liddell was a Scottish medalist and rugby international who gave it all up to be a missionary in China. The Japanese held him in a concentration camp for allied prisoners in China. In 2008 Chinese authorities revealed that Liddell had refused an opportunity to leave the camp and instead gave his place to a pregnant woman. Apparently, the Japanese made a deal with the British, with Churchill’s approval, for prisoner exchange. Then he died there. 

In 1900 there were an estimated 100,000 Christians in China. The Chinese communist armies tried to supress christianity. By 1950 the number had increased to 700,000. Helped by strong missionaries, the Chinese Christian church began to become an indigenous movement. The official figures are that there are 77 million Christians now. Some estimate that you can add another 100 million to that figure in underground house churches. These figures are at the time of writing this poem; July 2012, during the London Olympics. 

As for Saul, he made havoc of the church, entering every house, and dragging off men and women, committing them to prison. Therefore those who were scattered went everywhere preaching the word. (Acts 8:3, 4 NKJV)

This is a man who gave so much of his life for the Kingdon of God. There is much to discover about him. He proved that victory comes from losing; not winning.

(Note: watch the winner of the 100, 200 and 400 metres final in any Olympics now, and compare to Eric Liddell’s attitude.)

“The part” comes from “the whole”

It’s no use starting from “the part”
You must start from “the whole”
It’s no use eating just the scraps
You start with the food from the bowl.

People pull out bits of the Bible
And they think they see it all
But they only see “the part”
They haven’t seen “the whole”.

Our relationship with Jesus, and
Regeneration of the soul,
If it all becomes more than that
Your “part” becomes your “whole”.

How does a God…

How does a God
Who transcends space and time
Still come to a heart like mine

How can a God
Who a big picture sees
Sweat blood down on His knees

Why does a God
Who lives in the Spirit realm
Express His love in a physical dwell

I’m glad that God
Whose creator-power is so strong
The reach of His love-power means I belong

I can’t comprehend a God
Whose riches have no end
Buy my life till there’s nothing left to spend.

Grace and power go together

God is not just a God of grace
Here’s something to help you flower,
If you look into the Kingly place
He is also the God of power.

Power and grace go hand in hand
Can you see they go together,
For the prerequisite for grace to land
You cannot it’s power sever.

He made us alive who were dead in sin
The quickening really came first,
Only then did He gracefully forgive
Resurrection comes with a cross.

The early church really knew the place
Of what I am saying here,
For they saw and knew “great grace”
Along with “great power”, “great fear”.

So it not just the truth that “Jesus loves me”
As you behold His face,
But that He is a God who starts powerfully
For that is the conduit for grace.

And you has he quickened (made alive), who were dead in trespasses and sins; (Ephesians 2:1 KJV)

And with great power the apostles gave witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And great grace was upon them all. (Acts 4:33 NKJV)

So great fear came upon all the church and upon all who heard these things. (Acts 5:11 NKJV)

The source of Love

How on Earth can we love ourselves
And how do we love one another,
How do we love the unseen God
And how do we love our neighbour.

For there is only one source of love
It doesn’t come from ourself,
And only one place of source of power
And only one real inspiration.

That is the place where it always starts
It doesn’t come from within,
It comes from a love greater than self
So great it even conquored our sin.

The source of love is God Himself
Seeing that reduces the fight,
The secret to loving and forgiving like Him
Is seeing things in God’s sight.

When I feel His pleasure

Eric Liddell (Scottish Olympic gold medalist [sprinter], Test rugby player and missionary to China). “God created me to run fast. When I run, I feel His pleasure”. (quote from the movie “chariots of fire”).

We all need heroes, and I’ve got a few
Eric Liddell is certainly one,
What he achieved, if you really knew
He’d be one of your favorite sons.

It’s really not just that he could run fast
And win some Olympic gold,
Or score four tries in seven rugby tests
But there’s so much more to be told.

For he gave it all up to preach good news
Of the grace of Jesus Christ,
So China can have the chance to choose
Between Buddhism and eternal life.

But Eric Liddell had some insight
Something we all can trust,
When he said “I can feel God’s delight
As I worship when I run fast”.

For Eric tapped into a spiritual secret
It’s power is greater not lesser,
When we with God and His call co-operate
We feel the joy of His pleasure.

For the secret of living a happy life
Is not giving in to the scoffers,
But knowing the hope of the call of Christ
And the quality of life that it offers.

The guilty prisoner

The bars and bricked walls cry out loud
That I am inside the prison’s reach,
Where one dimensional lives exist
Without the sky, the wind and green.

A grey haired man catches my eye
And yells “come and see me please”,
He leads me into his lifeless cell
And begins to shed his guilty tears.

I shake the hand of a burdened man
I try to connect and smile
But this mere cell is whole lot more
Than the bars, his sentence and trial.

His hands bury his burdened mind
As he continues to hurt and cry,
He says “I can’t believe what I’ve done
Can you please take this guilt of mine” ?

I let him cry and talk and weep
And he says that he’s truly sorry,
But he can’t let go of the burden and guilt
That causes the load and the worry.

I told him that there is an answer
God can forgive all is sin,
And Christ can take all his guilty pain
If only he’d let Him in.

But then he says the saddest thing
That you can ever hear
“I don’t believe in Jesus Chirst
Or that He’d ever draw near.

He’s just removed the only way
To relieve his pressure and pain,
I leave the cell in a teary state
For there’s no answer to his guilt and shame.

I wish I could give you a happy ending
Where it all works out in the end,
But without Christ and His graceful way
His guilt and shame is his friend

Living in the moment

Moments add up to minutes
Minutes add up to hours
Hours add up to days
Days add up to weeks
Weeks add up to months
Months add up to years
Years add up to a life
Life adds up to eternity.

At each one, you live in me
At each one, you abide in me
At each one, your Word applies
At each one, your grace supplies.

As I apply your grace, moment by moment, I have the power to live !.

Moment by moment

Moment by moment You’ve chosen to love me
Moment by moment Your love do I see
Moment by moment will add up to eternity
Moment by moment with You I will be.

Moment by moment, brother with brother
Moment by moment a son with his Father
Moment by moment and hour by hour 
Moment by moment adds up to forever.

Moment by moment with You I’m remaining
Moment by moment with You I’m living
Moment by moment with You I’m residing
Moment by moment with You I’m abiding.