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Sowing for the next generation

I may never see it
The fruit of the message
Of the new covenant
But I’ll plant a heritage,

I know it’ll take
Another generation
To experience the life
Of A revelation,

Of the Christ within
And how to live
From the vine-life source
Given as a gift,

For there’s minds to change
Strongholds to destroy
For a new expression
Of Grace deployed,

It’s quite frustrating
But I’ll keep on sowing
So the Kingdom of God
Can keep on growing.

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The struggle not to struggle

Philippians 2:13 “for God is the One who is constantly putting forth His energy in you, both in the form of your being desirous of and of your doing His good pleasure.” (Wuest version).

The greatest struggle in the Christian life
Is the struggle not to struggle,
All that Jesus did He never did,

It was sourced in The Father first
And so it is with us,
There’s no struggle to create the life within.

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Empty words

Let no one deceive you with empty words… (Ephesians 5:6 NKJV)

Empty words from another kingdom
Try to fill our head,
Educated nothingness filling our ears
From empty women and men.

Cheating souls with empty deceit
Philosophy with no power,
Empty tradition and empty deceit
Fill airwaves that seem to be louder.

An appearance of wisdom and philosophy
Are really empty words,
But when you see Christ and all His fulness
Their emptiness shows as absurd.

For in Him is the fullness of God
No emptiness or deceit,
For it’s only by being in the kingdom of God
I’m not empty but In Him I’m complete.

Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ. For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily; and you are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power. (Colossians 2:8-10 NKJV)

And of His fullness we have all received, and grace for grace. (John 1:16 NKJV)


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The crane

The crane towers above the Clyde
It’s strength reaches to the sky
The constant landmark freely reminds
Of previous life on the riverside.

A hundred years of building ships
By men and beer and fish and chips
Whose wages came from the maritime grip
Along the towered Greenock strip.

Show resilience at its best
Unwilling friend as Thatcher’s guest
Community stung by Westminster’s desk
But South West Scotland has passed the test.

These steely folks continue to thrive
Determined to do more than simply survive
Take a look at the Inverclyde
And the crane that towers above the Clyde.


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I no longer need to pray

I no longer need to pray
“Take away my weakness”
Because I now enjoy
Seeking God in meekness.

I no longer need to pray
“Show me where’s my blind spots”
For God is greater than them
No need to be a big shot.

I no longer need to pray
“Improve my circumstances”
For they bring me to Christ
No more living by life’s chances.

I no longer need to pray
About where I’m wrong in life
For everything works for me
When I focus on Christ.

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Winter’s last barbaric breath

As winter’s last barbaric breath
Resounds upon the Stirling hills
New season brings in sun and warmth
Makes a widow of winter’s chill.

In winter’s fist that held me tight
It’s hold seemed to be perpetual
But day always follows the night
And hope springs from Him eternal.


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How do I change

Will somebody please tell me
how do I change ?
I’m sick of these lies
That make me feel strange
Can anyone hear me
I don’t want the same
Will somebody please tell me
how do I change ?.

I’ve tried every trick
To try and improve
When the pressure is on
I look like a fool
The tricks don’t last long
Please gimme some truth
I’ve tried every trick
To try and improve.

This is the hard cry of
The depraved human heart
That cannot improve
It needs a new start
To exchange an old life
In whole not in part
This is the hard cry of
The depraved human heart.

Will someone please tell me
How do I change ?
I’m sick of these lies
That make me feel strange
Can anyone hear me
I don’t want the same
Will somebody please tell me
how do I change ?.

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The kingdom of Ur

Five thousand years ago
In the Kingdom of Ur
God speaks to Abraham
Isaac’s death seems assured
“Sacrifice your son
Just like other God’s say
I own you now Abe
To please you must slay”.

But God in distinction
To the culture of Ur
Where favors are won
By sacrifice not love
On top of Moriah
Gives resurrection life
Tells Abraham to stop
And withhold his knife.

The Kingdom of darkness
Is the Kingdom of Ur
Shows us it’s death
How that Kingdom works
Nothing has changed
It’s the same today
One Kingdom gives life
The other takes away.

Note: atheist John Dawkins says one reason he is an atheist is because when he was a child, he heard the story of Abraham. He thought how can a God of love tell a faithful servant to sacrifice his child to test his faith.

Fact: in the culture of the Ur, the father owned the child, and the god of that man owned the man. So child sacrifice was the norm. God was showing us the different between Himself, and other gods; the kingdom of darkness, and the Kingdom of God; law and grace. How ?. In Ur, there was death to please a god. In Abraham we see A God who wants to give resurrection life. 2 kingdoms in contrast.

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I am glad I am here

It seems that free verse poetry is the most common form of poetry now. Whilst I don’t like it because of the “odd” rhymes and rhythms, I thought I would give it a go. Here is a poetry account of a prison cell visit this morning (11.2.2013).

The cry of death rings out from his cell
The insecure prisoner sees the darkness he is in
No identity
No hope
No future
No idea
“Please help me” comes through a nervous smile
Through a mask well worn in time
“My da’ used to always laugh at me
But when I had a gun, the laughing stopped
I even got to be liked through an armed robbery
But that all changed to guilt and shame”

I said “lets exchange the lies for the truth
Who are you really ?
Do you believe the emotional lies
Or who God made you when you were born again
Belief in what Jesus did is the key
That will open new doors to a new identity”

The prisoner’s smile is now real
I think he is seeing what he hasn’t seen before
The Holy Spirit is now working
I am glad I am here.

(Note: “da’ ” is the Scots word for Father. It is pronounced “dar”)

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Twitter poems

Here are some small poems from my twitter account @christian_poet

As you know, you are only allowed 140 characters; with a photograph, only 116. So these are simple and bite sized poems for a bit ‘o fun.

How can they say ?
How can they say there is no God ?
How can they say we come from sod ?
How can sod originate love ?


A loch 10 minutes from home…stunning

Prayers evaporate up to the sky
Hover in the heavens until the cloud forms
Drop with blessings to the Earth.

#Prayer #GodPoetry #BiblePoetry

The Key
The keys to my happiness are not in your pocket,
Or needings of love ❤️ inside your locket,
But God’s view and opinion of me,
Is the only key and opinion I need.

#Prayer #GodPoetry #BiblePoetry

Don’t live under any slavish bond
“Never live under a slavish bond”
Under the spell of the lying wand
Only in Christ is the freedom’s song.

(From a quote by William Wallace’s Uncle to his nephew. At the William Wallace monument)

#Repentance is a change of mind
God’s Kingdom there to find
Becomes a joy to love & obey
So Life is only a thought away.

What do you see ?
What do you see on your future path ?
A hope & future or a copy of the past ?
Or the footprints of the First and Last ?

Kingdom Righteousness
Kingdom righteousness, misunderstood
Kingdom forgiveness, so are you good ?
Kingdom righteousness is only by blood

He made it
The sea is His because He made it
Doesnt matter the evolutionist claims it
The intellectual atheists cannot evade it

Permanent change
The grace that strengthens
Is the grace that saves,
And the grace that loves
Brings permanent change.

a house built on the Rock
A house built on the Rock
Lasts 1,000 years
Like a North Sea Castle
Facing storms so fierce.

God is not a religion
God didn’t create denominations
Be under no illusion,
God is a living person
God is not a religion.

The sun upon her face
Highlights what God has done
Confidence and joy
Reflects His life within.

Ultimate revelation
Identity is born
From where we get our citizenship
For ultimate revelation is
With God we have relationship.

Who said scientists can’t believe ?
Who said a scientist can’t believe
In The Lord Jesus Christ,
For a scientist really sees
Who is the source of life.

Good Friday 2013
Death died
Satan sighed,
Rejection rejected
Judgement deflected,
Donated blood
Crucified Son.

The broken hearted
The broken hearted never suffer alone
Those who are crushed the Father knows
Pain doesn’t stop His life giving flow

Whose esteem ?
It’s not self esteem
But Christ esteem,
Nor myself I see
But how God loves me.

Attributes of Jesus
When in trouble and in a crises,
Look to nature and attributes of Jesus.

#natureofjesus #philippians48 #lifehimself

Who defines me
Who do I allow to define me ?
Where do I get my fill ?.
For if Christ doesn’t define me
Someone else will.

Buy the truth
Buy the truth and do not sell
That will save from Earthly hell
Come and buy, partake and eat
The Kings provision, come take a seat.

The voice
The voice of the Butcher drives
The voice of the Shepherd guides.

One frightens, One enlightens.

I am found
I have found
Where I belong,
It is my joy
It is my song,

I am found
in Jesus Christ,
My Lord
my Life.

Let there be Christ !
What was the first thing God said ?
When He said “let there be light”,
We see in “creation then redemption”
He means “let there be Christ”.

Forbidden fruit
If you think that forbidden fruit
will always taste sweet,
Why not look at history
And just ask Adam and Eve.

If having trouble thinking positive
Keep your focus above,
Keep your thoughts on truth
Just put your mind on God !.

Forgiveness is strength
It’s not a sign of weakness
When you forgive an offence,
It’s a sign of strong character
Rooted in deeper strength.

In finding God
I find love,
In finding Christ
I find life,
I see His face
I find His grace,
I see God
I see Love !.

The days ahead
Our peace of mind is secured
By the fact that we are lead,
By God’s invisible hand
So our best days are ahead.

Spiritual cell
Out of a spiritual cell
I have been set free
It starts with Jesus Christ
Can you clearly see ?

There is no need to figure it out
Our plans just turn to dust
God has already figured it out
All you do is to trust

Over analysis
A problem with high thinkers is
We find it so hard to unwind,
But whenever we see Jesus
It stops an obsessive mind.

The power to love others
There is only one power
To help you love others,
God has loved you first
Now you can love your brothers.

We can warmly cast our care
Because God is always there
His very life to share
Knowable in your prayer.

I am not lost in a swirling sea,
For I have an anchor that has rescued me.

the Tree
From which tree do you live ?
Good & evil, or life ?
One ministers condemnation
The other ministers Christ.

Exchange old lies
Down with the old life
Up with the new,
I have exchanged old lies
And now live in the Truth.

What do you see ?
“What do you see”
The wise man said,
“That’s what you believe
It’s not from your head”.

Moment by moment we live our life
Inch by inch we move forward
With realizing it, life has moved onward.

His life I have gained
When I say I am a Christian
I’m not saying there’s no pain,
But that my only boast
Is His Life that I have gained.

Born to die
Born once
Die twice
Born twice
Die once.

Christ esteem
Not self belief, but Christ belief,
Not self esteem, but Christ esteem.

Spiritual mindness
The only way to stop blindness
Is to have spiritual mindness,
All of life is spiritual
Not primarily intellectual.

how many sins ?
Righteousness means
No more sins
Held against me
Now totally clean
How can God
Luv so much
Life spilled
On a cross

A lot can happen in 3 days
Death died
Satan sighed,
Rejection rejected
Judgement deflected,
Donated blood
Crucified Son.

Sin brings bondage
Blindness and pain,
Truth sets free
And breaks sin’s chain.

So where are U from ?
Your identity determines your life,
For which Jesus has paid your price,
So let your labels come from Christ.

Unbelief brings worry
And the worst of satan’s brief,
But faith in God brings strength
And grace and love and peace

God never leaves us alone
In our needed hour,
He gives us resources to live
For His Word & Spirit is power !.

Adam’s nature
We were all born with Adam’s nature
But since Jesus came, I’m a new creation.

Someone has to pay
For the judgement & wrath of God,
Jesus, in substitution
Paid my price in blood !.

Real men pray
Society defines masculinity
But it will never take away,
What a spiritual women knows
That it takes a man to pray.

Showing how it works
Do you live what you preach ?
Do you love what you teach ?,
Showing how it works
Is what’s needed in the church !.

Answer to sinning
How do we stay in the Spirit
And close sin’s door,
The key is to stay in Grace
And not to live under law !.

Identity controls our behaviour
Identity comes from our Saviour,
When He died at Calvary
He gave a new identity !.

New heart, new spirit
A new covenant God has made
Did more than just His part,
He put in us His Holy Spirit
& and gave a brand new heart.

You are not alone
Living in the “God Zone”,
What is His is yours
His guidance, His wisdom, His strength…

God is goodLove is the red carpet to Mercy,
Mercy is the red carpet to Grace,
And proves that God is always good.

I have learnt this golden lesson…,
You can thank your way out of depression !.

Wings that sweep
The Spirit hovers over the deep
The shepherd hovers over His sheep
Can you feel the breath of His wings that sweep?

God confidence
Where do you get your significance ?
Because that is the source of your confidence.


Perfect theology
The power of all doxology
is that Jesus is perfect theology.

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