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The ship of western culture

The ship of Western culture 
Drifts away slowly yet surely
In the ocean of rights
In a sea of wrongs.

It’s many captains steer
Towards a storybook port
Of “freedom, equality and justice” for all
Defined by gold dust
And the minority on the bottom deck;
Not by the King of Freedom, equality & Justice.

The ship keeps drifting 
Nae anchor
Too many captains
Too much democracy
Not enough leaders
Not enough Truth.

The educated and informed passengers 
Are well fed
Enjoying the titanic view
Through their sun glasses 
Blocking out it’s light and rays
Reorganizing the deck chairs 
Busy, engaged and clever.

The ship keeps blowing steam
Desiring to go faster 
Vibrating at it’s own speed 
Looking efficient
Looking free.

Democracy negates the rudder
Personal ease fuels the engine
Free to head for the coral and colourful reef
Too far gone to save itself 
Makes this ship unsustainable.

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The division referendum

Scot against Scot
Pal against pal
“Test the spirits” the King advises.

The division referendum manipulates the innocent
Stirs up the trusting
Controls the simple
Blinds the tunnel visioned
Cajoles the selfish change makers 
Tae think that they are bought and sold for English gold.

But a shepherd sees the hurt
The division
Weeps at the anger and the fear
How the past will be spent on another model of itself.

The wise sees another Kingdom
Another King
All powerful 
Who makes all kingdoms become the power of His own…

He wins the Division referendum.


The day before in George Square, Glasgow. (17.9.2014)










Covenant Women

Covenant women
In covenant relationship with me,
A covenant that only we can know
A covenant the world can’t see.

A world where covenant is meaningless
Where people are reduced to animals
And meaningless promises are broken
And broken promises are meaningless
Making it’s actors feel empty
Mingled with hopelessness.

Our covenant made by promise
Through a veil 
To heaven
To one another
In front of witnesses
A Promise to see life through
I’ve got a covenant too.

Your covenant promises fulfilled
Your covenant promises proved
In the fire
In the mire
In desire
In the Saltire*

Covenant relationship
Covenant friend
Covenant wife
Until the end.

Covenant women so spiritual
Covenant life effectual
Covenant wife inspirational
Only a covenant women can know.

Proven your love consistently the same
Proven covenant by your change of name
Your life portrating the King’s domain.

Until time stops
Our lifetime commitment
Proves your promises as
A women of covenant.


* (Scottish name for it’s flag)

When the covenant was made…Liverpool, Australia. 10th September 1983.


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It’s not judgement she needs

Now instead, you ought to forgive and comfort him, so that he will not be overwhelmed by excessive sorrow. I urge you, therefore, to reaffirm your love for him. (‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭2‬:‭7-8‬).

A true story…

Scottish whisky on her breath 
Her winding road is painted on her face
On her eroded forehead
In her opaque eyes.

Forty years of unmanageable memories
Under her unforgivable skin
Crosses the church threshold.

The Pastor’s nose smells the breath and pain
The Pastor’s eyes sees the lines of disquiet.
The Pastor’s spirit hears,
“it’s not judgment she needs,
“It’s love”.

He asks his wife to donate a hug.

The lines in the face turn upward
The strong breath is a good match 
For the collegiate tie
Between two ladies
Who share His love.

The frozen pond


Friday night at the hockey 
A couple of friends and us,
To see men slide on pride
To see them dance on ice.

Men in armour colourful
Full of testosterone pride
And Identity of their city
Playing their game of life.

As worshippers bow at the throne
These men have got it made
At the frozen palace of dreams
As the puck fizzes from their blades.

Lightening quick transactions
Men flying without wings
Floating on top of the ice
Making their work boots sing.

The scurry around the goal mouth
Worshippers straining their face
Anticipation willing the puck 
To fly into the holy place.

A player sliding on the wall
An unplanned tactical hunch,
Didn’t see the two preditors
Planning a tactical crunch.

The helmet sprays in the air
A glove connects with a nose
Worshippers praising their gods 
As blood spills on coloured clothes.

Red carded to the glass cage
Just like the referee said
So in about two minutes
They can do it all again.

The circus keeps on raging
The children keep on smiling
The ice the magic creates
A stage for all its hirelings.

The worshippers leave the building
With memories lasting fond
Of an ice rink full of Elvises
On the frozen pond.


Dundee Stars vs Belfast Giants
Dundee Ice rink
Pure dead brilliant !.
Thanks Tim & Yo for the great night out.

Oh the score ?…who cares !.

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The Offensive domain

The offensive domain where the Christian stands
The offended emotions it seeks to fan,
At every turn makes believers cringe
With the agressive pride of their boastful sin.

Their news, their culture, turn on the TV 
Their movies, their poets, show their belief,
That they create life of their own accord
But it’s deadly fruit proves all that absurd.

When you question why they change their laws
You see the spirit behind it’s jaws,
And see the anger welling up in their eyes
And the deceit injected by satan’s flys.

Believers are heroes who keep their mouth shut
And grit their teeth among all the smut,
In a world of darkness and deathly rule
While allowing their spirit to be Christ controlled.


31 years to the day

Brodick Bay, Isle of Arran 
September afternoon,
Don’t care what time it is 
And I haven’t got a clue.

Sun beats down, on my crown
Breeze feels like a fan,
31st wedding anniversary 
As my wife gently holds my hand.

Cali ferry fades away
Leaves the world behind,
Walking mindlessly on the esplanade
The spring begins to unwind.

Viking names, Gaelic culture
On the Firth of Clyde,
Unique blend of Scottishness
Gets in the soul of mine.

Not a cloud, in the sky
Sunshine does it’s part,
With Carol’s smile and presence
Warms the grateful heart. 

Dancing boats, sunrays floats
On the crystal Firth,
Getting back priorities 
God and marriage first.

Isle of Arran gives you
Nothing else but smile prints,
Where I take nothing but photo’s
And leave nothing but footprints.

The years have been spent well 
Says the beauty of Brodick Bay,
Happy anniversary Darlin’
31 years to the day !.


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Misty times

In misty times past
I go back to the sixties,
Of mixed childhood memories
And change spurned by hippies,
Of Green Valley perfection
Just outside Sydney town,
Where blue skies always smiled
Yet black clouds always frowned.

The mixture of the memories
Of childhood dilly-dally,
Take me to the paradise
12 acres in Green Valley,
Where Nana and my Aunties
Were my Grandpa’s host,
And after church on Sunday
We communed with Vegemite and toast.

Climbing the tallest Gum tree
Is what every child aught to,
In frying Aussie summers
Swimming in bush water,
Everyday surveying 
The forever eucalypt treeline,
Imprints the required innocence 
Before the adult deadlines.

But during God’s appointment
To that place and time,
How do doubts spring up
In the innocent childlike mind ?,
Was it the first day of school
That encouraged the lonely tears,
Or my father’s disapproval 
That birthed a flood of fears ?.

There is no perfect childhood
As per the humanist hype,
Where flesh is in control
There is no black and white,
But being spiritually minded
In the present and future life,
supersedes the past
For joy is in the Christ.


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THE Life

The Life that God is
Is the Life that God Gives.

The Life that you see
Is the Life you believe.

The Life you possess
Is the life you confess.

Now you are now one
With the Life of the Son.


1 John 5:12 “The one who has the Son has the life. The one who does not have the Son of God the life he does not have.” (Wuest)

Wuest says that “life” here is the definite article. Here is a definition of what that means…

“A definite article indicates that its noun is a particular one (or ones) identifiable to the listener. It may be something that the speaker has already mentioned, or it may be something uniquely specified” Wiki.

It’s “the Life” because “the Son” has already been mentioned, is uniquely specified and identifiable to the listener. 

Therefore, if you have Christ, you have His very life !. “Zoe” is the life that Christ possesses. If you have the Son, you also have this.

Wuest translates this as “the one who has the Son, has the life”. 


But the righteousness of faith speaks in this way, “Do not say in your heart, ‘Who will ascend into heaven?’ ” (that is, to bring Christ down from above ) or, “ ‘Who will descend into the abyss?’ ” (that is, to bring Christ up from the dead). But what does it say? “The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart” (that is, the word of faith which we preach): that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. (‭Romans‬ ‭10‬:‭6-10‬ NKJV)

The spiritual hitch-hiker


The spiritual hitch-hiker
Unaware of the Source within
Depending on the prayers of others
Always drifting from circumstance to problem.

The spiritual hitch-hiker
Unaware of the authority given 
In constant fear
Of the coming storm
Afraid of the lack of shelter
Vulnerable in the open.

The spiritual hitch-hiker
Waiting for the external to be the answer
A victim of the the road
Without a licence to drive themself
Too busy going nowhere…

A van with plenty of room in the back
Offers a lift
The shining driver offers to carry the baggage
“Put it in the back, and leave it to me”
The driver then offers a sparkling drink
Offers the honeyed bread,
But the tourist struggles with the free gifts
Even tries to pay a fare
Then asks to be dropped off at the next landmark
The driver consents to the spiritual hitch-hiker.

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