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Giving people time to change

We are all bought up to think a certain way

We are all bought up by people having their say
But what might have been wisdom way back then
May not be truth but only have been a trend.
What is taught to us as gospel is only culture
That help prop up their communities wobbly structures
So when you tell people to think & change their mind
don’t be surprised when they see it as a crime.
You have to give people time to clear their mind
give them grace because this can take much time
Wisdom will teach you transition is what they need
while they think about what you want them to heed.
Look at Moses and His veil with fading glory
This is about ushering in the new covenant story
Its about how the old covenant gives way to the new
and how we need to redefine what is really true.
In the book of Acts you can see and feel the tension
how the baptism of the Spirit bought much apprehension
the new covenant puts people in unchartered waters
give them time for their thinking to become broader.
The new testament was written to people in a transition
from old laws and ways to a brand new outlook & mission
When speaking to people about seeking His face
remember they only know methods and not His grace.

Christ in me

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It’s the power of the gospel
that will make this change in me
His righteousness imparted to me
His life now flowing out through me

For it’s Christ
Christ in me
new way of living
by grace set free
I have His life
Grace given me
new way of thinking
come reign in me.

Silly ol’ me

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A lady came to work one day
Sunglasses on her head
On a dark & wintry day
This is what she said,

I walked into the side of a door
Silly ol’ me,
I don’t know why I did that for
Silly ol’ me.

The next day when I came to work
She said to me
My husbands gone with all my kids
Her bruise was plain to see.

I didn’t walk into the side of that door
Silly ol’ me,
My face met with my husband’s claw
Silly ol’ me.

Tears started rollin’ down her face
Swelled by bruising still
Whenever husbands drink too much
The wives pay the bill.

Too many women across this land, say
Silly ol’ me,
Bravely they face the world
Can you see.

They blame themselves
For whatever goes wrong
They need our love
To help them go on,

In a pool of tears one day
She found heaven’s grace
And though the pain lingers still
There’s new tracks on her face.

Now she’s walked through a brand new door
It’s for all to see
No longer does she say anymore
Silly ol’ me,

No longer does she say anymore
Silly ol’ me.

Story – this is a true song about 2 different women I know, but written as the same person. “Whenever husbands drink too much, the wives pay the bill”

Controlling my thoughts (a new power source)

There is a truth that’s quite profound
Because there’s a new power source
That one of the fruits of the Spirit is
The ability to control your thoughts.

One thing Christians should never forget
Is that before they were saved
There was no power to control your thoughts
And destructive habits you craved.

Now a fruit of the spirit is self control
A fruit from a new power source
These new motivations that captivate me
Are not from my own resource.

Because there were thoughts to bring you down
Now thinking you don’t make the grade
I capture & bring those incorrect thoughts
to the truth of when I was saved.

With new motivation and His Word
That make me no longer blind
I have everything that I need
To help me control my mind.

Sexy, sassy yet spiritual

This is a poem about my wife
You know I will keep it factual
The greatest person in my life
Sexy, sassy yet spiritual.

Always keeping things in perspective
Among the issues emotional
Shows you have to live objective
Her answers are always spiritual.

She keeps her feet on the ground
A women highly intellectual
her achievements have gone largely uncrowned
Her natural life has become spiritual.

Never one to be selfish
Her selflessness inspirational
Her serving leaves me breathless
Perspective comes from the spiritual.

Growing everyday as a women
Reward for learning habitual
Mixing toughness with the feminine
Has made her a women spiritual.

How will I like her remembered ?
Christian and unconventional
Never ever self centered
Sexy, sassy yet spiritual.

I believe You are

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I believe You are who You say you are
The Christ, the Son of the Living God
I believe You’ll do, what You say You’ll do
Your Grace will pull me through

So many many voices
Claiming they can give me life
but none of them have come
and sacrificed their blood

I believe you Love
the way You say you love
You proved it hangin’ from the sky
I believe you save
The way You say You save,
by grace by faith & nuthin’ more

you know the gospel is so simple
it takes religion to complicate it
only believe

I believe You are who You say you are
The Christ, the Son if the Living God


This song is what I believe. It’s what I stand for. As Peter told Jesus …”You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God”

Black dog

The black dog has started barking
Old memories have started tracking
Emotions that again start descending.

What woke the black dog out of sleep ?
That makes this pain run so deep ?
My sandy eyes begin to weep.

When the black dog comes, here’s the task
Keep him hidden, put on a mask
About my tears, hope no one asks.

Go to work, put on a face
Expressions to show no black dog’s trace
How am I gonna act in grace ?.

The black dog screams “you are dumb”
All you can eat is from life’s crumbs
You won’t survive until happenstance comes.

The sky is not blue & the grass is not green
Nothing is good the black dog screams
How did life turn out this mean ?.

I begin to ask, “what’s the lie” ?
The dog is wrong, I don’t want to die
What is the source of these sighs ?

Slowly, slowly I see the truth
The pain subsides like an aching tooth
Perspective & love bring me a break-through.

The barking has stopped: no more dog
I’m now in the clear: no more fog
I’ve discovered to whom I belong !.

Reading of this poem here

The God who comes to us

We remember when
The God who came to us
Immanuel & Saviour
His plan so generous
He left His heavenly home
To bring us back again
To his love & grace
His loss is our gain

The God who came to us
To die to show His love
Immanuel is Jesus, God in Human form
The God who came to us

Now He identifies
With our hurt & pain
Became one of us
In me He now remains
To those who need His help
Now He can give aid
In the middle of my weakness
By His strength & grace

Now every year at Christmas
I think what I have gained
For every Christmas time
Reminds me once again

The God who comes to us
And daily shows His love
Immanuel is Jesus, God in Human form
The God who comes to us

Recording of the song here

London’s burning

Why so surprised at London’s burning ?
Why so perplexed a generation is yearning ?
Look and see their emotional diet
You’ll find the reason for the London riots.

Why not start with secularisation ?
It will lead you to privatisation
If no one is more important than me
There’s no greater good called society.

To secularise, you need some substitutes
To replace our norms and our absolutes
No right or wrong, the seed is sown
“We have our rights” mean anything goes.

Without a God consciousness and centrality
We breed a victim mentality
There’ll be no solutions considered effectual
For all our answers are in the spiritual.

Reading here

Your love is extravagant

Your love is extravagant
Your friendship is intimate
Your grace is abounding
Your strength is confounding
Your forgiveness is forever
Separation comes never
Your favour is unearned
Hope is in Your return
Your goodness is amazing
Your Word is unchanging
Your thoughts are far higher
Your blood is a buyer
Your way is Inspiring
Your life comes from dying
Your cross demands respect
Your action now connects
Your methods are extreme
The seen proves the unseen
Your nature is love
Your promise paid in blood
You understand our hurtin’
Your compassion is for certain
Your love is extravagant
Your friendship is intimate