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The prisoner & the chaplain

The guard puts him in, at exactly quarter to nine
The four walls remind him, he’s a prisoner doing time
His prison greys remind him, daily of his crime
Welcome to the cell, and what it’s like inside.

The cell is not the walls, the roof, the bricks and bars
But the spiritual cell that traps him, and seems so brutally harsh
He wishes that he could see, the man in the moon and the stars
Hungry for some freedom, he thinks of things above.

He opens up a bible, a chaplain gave on a hunch
Reads the prodigal son, with pigs down in the mud
He is sick and tired of the guilt, that weighs a million ton
Tomorrow he’ll ask the chaplain, about Jesus and His blood.

The chaplain goes to work, because it’s a brand new day
He visits the prisoner to see, if he lasted the night OK
The prisoner asks a question, about why Jesus was betrayed
The chaplain explains that sin, had to be judged an paid.

The prisoner asks the chaplain, would Jesus forgive his sin
Stop the alienation, and be a Father to Him
As the chaplain prays, a new life immediately begins
The evidence is seen, in the teary eyes and grins.


God knows

Ever cried till there’s no more tears
hurt and pain greater than your fears
disapproval drowns out the tears
God knows.

When no matter how hard you try
success mocks you as it waives goodbye
happenstance causing you to wince and sigh
God knows.

Need a greater power than self
knowledge & wisdom to come off the shelf
head knowledge alone has left me bereft
God knows.

Saved by His life brings a power within
overcoming the seen, overcoming sin
now having everything I need to live
God knows.

This has come at a great big price
The Father’s son to be sacrificed
risking rejection, God threw the dice
God knows.

Do you know what its like to lose a Son
can’t look at Him as He says “it’s done”
Now identifies with loss, will you now come…
God knows….

An uneasy divorce

As the cold and blustery air

of the Scottish winter rolls in,
what my cold nose feels
belies the warmth within.
The outside looks so harsh
an unforgiving force
but my life within
gives it an uneasy divorce.
Though the sleet drives hard
suggesting I should give up
the inner life of my spirit
steers me away from that rut.
For the life that I possess
is not harmed by blustery snow
the stronger force within
is the wind the Spirit blows.

The great exchange

I am sick of it !
I can’t do it !
I can’t improve myself !
I have had enough !
I give up !
I’m gone as far as I can tell !.
I need help
I need strength
I need something called grace
And kill the old man
And kill the old me
I need to be exchanged.
The old me can’t change
The old me can’t improve 
I need it be exchanged
With Some One bigger than me
Some One who understands me
It’s a new divine nature I need.
I need a re-birth
To give me new worth
God I receive it by faith
It’s not about me
The old me is dead
For now I have been exchanged !.

Bricks, graffiti & grime

Amongst the bricks, graffiti and grime

And growing boys about to do time
And alienation arousing anger
With no outlet as they meander.
There is another lost generation
Their filter of life is separation
Living life with limited scope
Living life with limited hope.
Sick of hearing they have to work
From well off people as they smirk
For the “opportunities they must create”
And “life is there for you to take”.
Helplessness rises as they hear
Cliche’s that reinforce their fear
That they’ve missed what’s on offer
Don’t want to be a used car washer.
But Christ came to draw these boys
Creating inclusion and gives them a voice
Healing the pain of separation 
Bringing peace from alienation

When I got a revelation of Jesus

Once looking for rest and joy and peace

Blinded by pride and unbelief
Never being able to find relief
Then I got a revelation of Jesus.
They used call me “a tortured soul”
They didn’t see I was in a hole
The bludgeoning of life had taken toll
Then I got a revelation of Jesus.
Insecurity had its way
Causing emotions to decay
Rejection demanding to have it’s way
Then I got a revelation of Jesus.
Knowing love just like The Son
As if a life had just begun
Conscience clear due to the blood
When I got a revelation of Jesus.
Emotions from a new identity
Replace old insecurities
Brand new paths grow mentally
When I got a revelation of Jesus
No ball and chain with a heart now light
No longer have to work and fight
New motivation and new delights
When I got a revelation of Jesus.

The Grace that teaches us

Twas grace that taught my heart to fear

and grace my fears relieved
I hear a lot of people sing
but its not what they believe.
Grace has come to teach us how
to live in power not furrowed brow
new motivation and new desires
inner power now acquired.
Formulae and fleshly laws
stop motivation and close the door
To life as Father had intended
And what He has apprehended.
Grace that has appeared to men
Teaches by the Spirit’s pen
How to live and how to think
The life of Christ with mine in sync.

A walk in the Scottish Highlands

The best things in life are free
You hear many people talk
Today I experienced it’s truth
When I went for a Highland walk.

The sun peaks through the blinds
It’s warmth anticipates the day
Not a cloud in the Stirling sky
It’s time to make some hay.

I step outside and breath
The crisp clean Ochil air
A mixture of sun and cool
Make an exhilarating pair.

The grass looks shiny green
The background mountains white
My warm duvet belied
The snow storm overnight.

My outdoor church moves me
To appreciate creator Dad
Though the fellowship came free
It cost everything He had.

Note: “duvet” is a Scottish bed quilt. (pronounced “do-vay)

Scottish steak & chips !

What can make the heart grow fond

I’ll give you the tip
Nothing can satisfy your taste
Like Scottish Steak and chips.
Juicy highland cattle steaks will
melt just past your lips
feeding well the hungry soul
That’s Scottish steak and chips.
What can put some fat on you
on your frame and hips
you’ll never ever fade away
With Scottish steak and chips.
There’s no food in this modern world
whether haggis, burgers or fish
that can match the beauty and taste
of Scottish steak and chips.
TV chefs seem unawares
and seem so ill equipped
of talent, skill and feel required
to cook Scottish steak and chips.
No need to be serious
Always poems to make you think
Need a bit of humour
Eating Scottish steak and chips.
When grandchildren ask about the nation’s dish
“is it haggis or whisky nips ?”
I’ll lean back in my rockin’ chair
eating Scottish Steak and chips.
Life, Prison

Behind those prison bars

There’s a people often misunderstood, behind those prison gates
Men and boys like me and you, with similar weakness and traits


On the outside looking in,

Not feeling part of what they see
Feeling disdain and the hate.

These are people who understand, they made some wrong choices last time
A way to cope with dejection and pain, that drove them to do the crime


A way to feel and look cool,

For every man tempted, has their price
That would cause them to cross the line.

Jesus Christ came for these men to draw them, so that they could be near
To love and acceptance of a perfect Father, without retribution and fear


Of all that God has for all,

For prisoners who come with an orphan spirit
To wipe away those inner tears.