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Moon shaped landscape


The moon shines on it name sake landscape
Peaking behind touchable 3D clouds
That move as fast as the Lewis wind.

Northern stars keek at the moon shined terrain
Never moving, stable as the rocks that hold together
A melted snow drenched country.

The rippling loch co-operates with the Atlantic ocean air
And creates a dance in sync with flying geese
Jagged and graceful, separate and together.

The Islands other inhabitants;
Strong people, strong houses, strong fences, able to resist all weather
Fit snugly into where the land permits.

The sun rises on what it promised;
Rugged and tree-less attractive beauty; like the Gaelic language,
Hard to understand but beautiful.


We arrived late at night at Tobson, on the Isle of “Greater Bernera” [Gaelic: “Bearnaraigh”], (a Western Island from Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland) for a break. The moon came and went with the clouds.

“keek” is a Scots word for “look” or “peak”. Scottish Gaelic is the first language. English is the second language.

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