The Voice

Sun shines on my back,
Blue skies on the track,
One step at a time,
Never a crime,

Rain falls on my head,
Not what the weather girl said,
And then turns into snow,
Which way to go.


I have the Voice within
That ends what It begins
I know that I will make it through,

“Let’s go to the other side”
Says the Voice that keeps an eye
Cos the skies are turning blue.
The Voice says I will make it through.


Sometimes life goes wrong,
And so you lose your song,
Grey skies seems to say,
“This is how you’ll stay”,

But then the Voice speaks loud,
Blues skies break the clouds,
Sets free the ball and chain,
Here I go again.


Words & music by Peter Hall. Copyright Scot Free Music 2016

This song is really about the Voice of the Holy Spirit in times of uncertainty. Jesus said in Mark 4:38 “let us go to the other side”. I think this is a profound statement because it is a clear statement of intention by Jesus. If He has birthed us and is the “finisher”, no storm, black clouds, or fierce winds will hinder His finishing work in us !. This is reassuring, and we must constantly reassure ourself with this thought. I am proud of the line: “The Voice that keeps an eye”…juxtaposing the Voice with His guiding eye as per Psalm 32:8.

You can download the lyrics and ukulele chords (and chord charts)  here.


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