Google it

I had some friends over for tea
To sing happy birthday to me
I forgot to buy the KFC
So thought I’d give them a treat
So when you want to eat Chinese
And you really want to noodle it…

Just Google it !.

Their money gifts made me rich
Making money seemed like a cinch
I didn’t need a salesmanship pitch
To make myself a little niche
When you need to know the dollar
and how value of the rubel sits…

Just Google it !.

The Facebook photos made me seen
To all of my friendly team
At least that’s how it seems
Please hit “like” on your Computer screen
When you’re insecure
And you need a new approval hit…

Just Google it !

Looking for identity
And where your family history fits,

Need to know the goss
And the latest greatest show biz split,

Need to make a speech
And you need a joke to show your whit,

You know what to do !…

When you need to know your clan
And the colour of your tartan kilt…

Just Google it !.

Words & Music by Peter Hall Scotfree music. 1.7.2015

You can listen to, or download the song here. (1.5 mb. 1.38 mins)


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