Two Adams:
Sin through one
The other said “it’s done”.

Two gardens:
One was a paradise
The other where He agonised.

Two thorns:
Sin’s crown from a curse
Then for the King who had it reversed.

Two women:
One bought a lie to our race
The other reveals His eternal Grace.

Two seeds:
Death from the serpent’s lie
And life from the women’s thigh.

Two swords:
One guards the garden in the dark
The other stabs the King in His heart

Two garments:
One covered guilt and shame
The other is a gift that righteousness claims.

Two trees:
One pleasing to the eye yet bad for food
The other brings life and is always good.


Thoughts on reading this poem;

– there are 8 stanzas. 8 is the number of resurrection. Jesus was resurrected in the “eighth day”. Circumcision happened on the 8th day…in the new covenant, our circumcision is of the heart: we could say it is also the number of a new creation identity. Jesus showed Himself 8 times after His resurrection. In Noah’s ark, 8 were saved. The Greek number for Jesus is 888.

– The second or contrasting line is the new covenant resurrection truth that contrasts the first line truth “where” Christ redeemed us from.

– after each stanza’s heading is a colon: which is two dots. A colon Is a pause before introducing related information, or expanding on the “coloned” thought. The two subsequent lines expand on the seed thought in the heading; two dots: two contrasting thoughts: death then life; two contrasting covenants: pre-cross and post-cross.

– The number “two” in scripture has few meaning that this poems highlights. “Two” is the number of unity: the unity of “creation and redemption”; the unity of God and the human race before the fall and after the cross. It can also be the number of “division”: the division of relationship between God and the human race, the division the fall bought between the Father and the Son at calvary, the division of sin and righteousness. It is also the number of “witness”; the witness of Christ to the world of His righteousness, the witness of the redemption to a fallen race.

– each stanza is in order of events: that is, they are progressive. God’s redemption is a progressive revelation of of His nature and person. The Kingdom of God is a seed that grows.

If you allow it, poetry can open your mind and make your think, then know, then experience the quality of the Life of Christ. Many of my poems have meaning beyond the words. Enjoy !.


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