The mirrored Loch


In the retired highlands where the soil lies fallow
And stone buildings guard cobbled streets winding narrow
Where the shining loch reflects mountains and sky
And the burns on the carse never seems to run dry.

You can’t help but ask “why did God come to us” ?
To pay for our seat on His redemption bus
And “why keep building our Babylon towers” ?
Given the size of His creator powers.

And how can a God of His power and size
Include me in the intimacy prize ?. 
If He can make this then why reach for me
And bring me into His Kingdom team ?.

The sun is now gone, and yet it’s still here
Shining through stars In the Zodiac clear
The mirrored loch reflects His nature that weaves
His tapestry of love which will never leave.


A week away to recharge on Loch Awe, in Argyll, Western Highlands, Scotland. 

“Burn” is a Scottish creek, or stream. Here, it is melted snow. The sound is river music.

“Carse” is a Scottish word for river bank

Ever been to a loch that is so still, it looks like one large mirror ?. 

Photograph taken by Peter Hall at Loch Awe, February 2015.

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