I saw a funny man…

I saw a funny man
Who wore funny clothes
Had a hole in his jacket
And three holes in his nose.

What a funny nose ring 
From it hung a feather
I hope it kept him warm
In the frosty weather.

I saw a funny women
A cow she tried to throttle
Coz she blamed the cow
That milk came out in bottles.

I saw a funny granma
Couldn’t see the lake
She tried to shake hands
With the toilet snake.

She left the window open
Like a carefree granny
The wind blew up her clothes
In every nook and cranny. 

I saw a funny grandpa
Couldn’t hear a thing
Sounded like a moose
When he tried to sing.

He tended to his plants
In the middle of his garden
A truck then blew it’s horn
He said “I beg your pardon”.

It shows that he could hear
Not deaf after all
Just didn’t want to answer
When his name you call.

I saw a funny teenager
Walked backwards in his sleep
Then he walked sideways
When he counted sheep.

So lets just keep on smiling
You need it for survival 
A keen sense of humour 
Puts hair on your eye ball.



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