It’s all about your heart

“It’s all about your faith”
The preacher advises with best intentions.

But faith is not self created
It is not a by product of reading the Bible
Like diesel is a by product of petrol.

Belief is a by product of a straight heart
Produced in rest 
Like a butterfly from a caterpillar,
Becoming what it is predestined to become;
The Seed producing its congealed life as a crop
Some thirty fold, some sixty fold, some a hundred fold. 

Yet rest is a by product of a renewed mind:
Changing your mind to what God has already changed.

The Life is Christ Himself
Just like His Seed
Therefore it’s His faith in our new heart
Which He gave at the new creation.

His faith
My heart
His Seed
My belief
His Word
My blessing
His Soverienty
My Responsibility
His Fruit
My fruit
Two lives infused
Two spirits become one.

Now the same word
Now the same glory…

“It’s all about your heart”.


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