Walk across the Forth Road Bridge

Thursday morning
Day aff
Time to have a think…

Down the M9
To Edinburgh
And walk across the Forth Bridge.

In the car
It’s not very far
Only 26 miles,

Last day of sun
A’fore it rains a ton
Time for a few wee smiles.

Wind in hair
We must be there
Across the Firth of Forth,

Batteries charge
As the bridge looms large
So does the presence of the Lord.

Forth rail bridge
The diesel sings
As trains float over its tracks,

The red tinged steel
Matches the sun’s feel
As it works on our head and backs.

The path looks long
The curve rolls on
Approaching Queensferry north,

Cable and steel
Engineering congealed 
On the magnificent Firth of Forth.

The bird’s eye view
With the seagull crew
Reveal the Firth’s glory,

Where the bridges float
With the sailing boats
On this Edinburgh prairie.

Clock turns one
The walk is done
We leave the water and lorries,

Waste some time
Write another rhyme
As my wife and I smell the coffee.


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