The ship of western culture

The ship of Western culture 
Drifts away slowly yet surely
In the ocean of rights
In a sea of wrongs.

It’s many captains steer
Towards a storybook port
Of “freedom, equality and justice” for all
Defined by gold dust
And the minority on the bottom deck;
Not by the King of Freedom, equality & Justice.

The ship keeps drifting 
Nae anchor
Too many captains
Too much democracy
Not enough leaders
Not enough Truth.

The educated and informed passengers 
Are well fed
Enjoying the titanic view
Through their sun glasses 
Blocking out it’s light and rays
Reorganizing the deck chairs 
Busy, engaged and clever.

The ship keeps blowing steam
Desiring to go faster 
Vibrating at it’s own speed 
Looking efficient
Looking free.

Democracy negates the rudder
Personal ease fuels the engine
Free to head for the coral and colourful reef
Too far gone to save itself 
Makes this ship unsustainable.

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