Covenant Women

Covenant women
In covenant relationship with me,
A covenant that only we can know
A covenant the world can’t see.

A world where covenant is meaningless
Where people are reduced to animals
And meaningless promises are broken
And broken promises are meaningless
Making it’s actors feel empty
Mingled with hopelessness.

Our covenant made by promise
Through a veil 
To heaven
To one another
In front of witnesses
A Promise to see life through
I’ve got a covenant too.

Your covenant promises fulfilled
Your covenant promises proved
In the fire
In the mire
In desire
In the Saltire*

Covenant relationship
Covenant friend
Covenant wife
Until the end.

Covenant women so spiritual
Covenant life effectual
Covenant wife inspirational
Only a covenant women can know.

Proven your love consistently the same
Proven covenant by your change of name
Your life portrating the King’s domain.

Until time stops
Our lifetime commitment
Proves your promises as
A women of covenant.


* (Scottish name for it’s flag)

When the covenant was made…Liverpool, Australia. 10th September 1983.


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