Slow as a bullet

Newtonmore versus Kingussie
The “Old firm” derby again
On “The Dell”
Play like hell
Five pound ticket’s a good spend.

BBC Alba send their team
For this is the Highland game
Men play tough
Crowd plays rough
160 years the same

Game starts at 1000 miles an hour
Ball fizzes through the air
Knees of red
Bloodied heads
Goalie stop it if you dare.

The ball is hit higher than the mountains
This is an Ariel game
Slow as a bullet
Don’t even hook it
These players who entertain.

Where the deer’s antlers hang on the wall
And the caman is the weapon
Fields muddy
Skilful keepy-uppy
With only their jersey as protection.

The highland backdrop is a painting
For athletes who like to play risky
Clannish pride
Play side-by-side
That’s a hundred square yards of Shinty.

Shinty 1

Shinty 2

Shinty 3

Note: “keepy-uppy” is when the player runs with the ball on the end of his caman (stick)

shinty uppy


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