“Faith” (straight from the cell)

This poem is not mine.

It was written by a prisoner.

This prisoner has met Jesus in his cell. As his chaplain, I prayed with him and he began to weep in his cell. He has a real revelation of forgiveness; out of God’s forgiveness to him, has come his ability to forgive himself for his crime.

This prisoner was himself abused and neglected and didn’t know how to cope with it all. In his anger, he finds himself in jail, and now also finds himself in Christ !.

This is a song he wrote, so it may not make perfect rhyming sense. In fact, it has spelling errors, and theological errors. But remember, he has no church background and has known Christ for only 3 months.

The pen in the photo is one of the most precious things I own. In their cell, prisoners have their toiletries, a bed, a towel, a bible, a TV, and a pad of paper. most of these things are bought from their prison wage. Prisoners earn £2 per week. These pens are £1. That’s half a weeks wage.

After he sang me his song, and after I prayed for him, he gave me this pen !. Half a weeks wage !. It was like he was sharing communion with me. It was his way of giving me, and God thanks !.

This poem/song is an expression of a changed heart. Don’t just look at the words, look at the pen !.

“I’ve never seen you
But I no (sic) your beautiful”

“Now my time is all going well
I give you my life from my cell”

…now that’s a “sweet smelling savour” to The Lord !.


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