The Christ in me

When I am weak
You are my strength,
When I need power
You are my grace.

When I feel fear
You are my peace,
When I feel lack
You’re all I need.

When needing direction
You are my guide,
When feeling guilt
You made me right.

When needing fruit
You are the vine,
I’m just a branch
Who needs to abide.

When in bondage
You are my deliverer,
When feeling alone
You are my gatherer.

When I’m thirsty
You are my refreshment,
When wanting to fit
You give me placement.

When carrying a load
You are my burden bearer,
When I need redemption
You are my Saviour.

When I need love
You are my lover,
When feeling an orphan
You are my Father.

When I need adjustment
You are my sanctifier,
When I lack
You are my provider.

When I am sick
You are my healer,
When I need a friend
You are my brother.

When Worn out
You are my rest,
When I need ministry
You are my priest.

You are everything
I am not,
I love my weakness
Because you are God.

Colossians 1:26-28 the mystery which has been kept hidden from the ages and from the generations, but now was made known to His saints, to whom God desired to make known IN AN EXPERIENTIAL WAY what is the wealth of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles, which is CHRIST IN YOU, THE HOPE OF GLORY, whom we are constantly announcing, admonishing every man and instructing every man in every wisdom in order that we may present every man spiritually mature in Christ Jesus, (Wuest)

Note: “hope of glory” to me can mean “a revelation of the Christ in me in an experiential way, is the only hope of getting His glories out of me”


2 thoughts on “The Christ in me

  1. Benjy Poetry says:

    Beautiful and inspiring poem.Christ in us is the hope of glory.Truly,it’s all about Christ Jesus!!!

    • Peter Hall says:

      Thanks Benjy. I had a look at your poems and really enjoyed them. Keep writing, and keep your eyes on Jesus. Peter

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