The Father’s promise to the Son

The Adamic Covenant.

When God created Adam and Eve
And their house the garden of Eden,
He ordained that they should tend it
Then rule it and take dominion.

But they made a crucial decision 
To not believe or obey,
A moment in time changed forever
The Seed of the women betrayed.

But nothing could take God by surprise 
He bought in His plan of redemption,
So they couldn’t live in a fallen state
He had to send them out of the garden.

The Noahic covenant.

Then the offspring of the first man and wife
Lived from their fallen nature,
The population was extremely evil
Which proves a fallen creation

So God sent a flood to cover the ground
Destroying those living on Earth,
To bring in the Noahic covenant
Progression to new life and birth.

For the rainbow showed us a God of mercy
Had finished with Eden the physical,
Ushering In Noahaic grace
An age of redemption that is spiritual.

New and everlasting covenant.

God had a plan all through history
To redeem a people in need,
Pointing to His Passover Lamb
The incorruptible seed.

How much more can the Father prove
His commitment to us and His love,
How much He desired to fellowship 
And share Himself with us.

When God cut the covenant with Abraham
He committed Himself to die,
To redeem and restore us back to Himself
It’s impossible for Him to lie.

The Seed of women has crushed the serpent
His heel has bruised it’s head,
Completing the promises made to the Son
When He died and rose from the dead.


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