Enter in

They did not enter in due to unbelief
This was the source of their hooligan grief.

It was not because of the giants external
They missed out due to the giants internal.

It’s not water outside the boat
But the water inside that stops it to float.

We should fear that we come short
And be amiss of Kingdom reward.

Unbelief is the biggest sin
Just believe and enter in.

“I won’t lift my hands in worship”…just enter in
“I won’t worry about speaking in tongues”…enter in
“I won’t use my gifts and talents”…enter in
“I won’t live like a son”…enter in
“I won’t be lead by the Spirit”…enter in
“I won’t take my rights and privileges as a son of God”…enter in
“I won’t enter into the things of God”…enter in

So we see that they could not enter in because of unbelief. (Hebrews 3:19 NKJV)

Therefore, since a promise remains of entering His rest, let us fear lest any of you seem to have come short of it. (Hebrews 4:1 NKJV)


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