You cannot see God by wisdom

“God in His wisdom has chosen that you cannot see Him by wisdom.” Charles Peters

By wisdom you cannot see God
But only with a pure heart,
As heart purity turns you to Him
The Spirit will do His part.

For it’s only by revelation
Can you discover The Lord,
Not by mind or knowledge
Can you know He is God.

God in wisdom has chosen
We don’t know Him by wisdom,
But by faith and revelation alone
For He’s King of another Kingdom.

Matthew 5:8 “Spiritually prosperous are those who are pure in the sphere of the heart, because they themselves shall see God.” (Wuest Version)

1 Corinthians 1:21 “in the wisdom of God, the world system through its wisdom did not come to have an experiential knowledge of God, God saw fit through the aforementioned foolishness…to save those who believe.” (Wuest Version)


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