The monument

Martyr’s monument. Wigtown. Solway Firth. Sth West Scotland.

The monument stands tall, and I feel overwhelmed
But it’s not the monument itself,
But it represents those who martyred their lives
And loved God instead of themself.

The long tall stone representing the stake
That cemented their body to the sand,
It gives the feeling of a crucified life
Their price of making their stand.

It’s tall and strong just like their stance
Identifying their death with Christ,
Crucified to the world, and it to them
Preceds their resurrection life.

The stones at the base heaped on top of each other
Represents rising waters,
That crept up their body and filled their lungs
The water and blood of the martyrs.

The scarlet women and the scarlet beast
With it’s gold and precious pearls
Drunk with blood, but the white horse rider
Overcomes her and the world.

Where the monument stands is now silted in
Where the previous killer tide flowed,
But the more you try to kill off the seed
The stronger the seed will grow.

Note: I am a descendant of John Fleming who was martyred the same way at Inverkip, Inverclyde, at the Firth of the Clyde near Greenock, South West Scotland.


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