No where else but here

Chorus 1st

“No where else but here”
“No where else but here”
Is what they say where the mighty Fitzroy flows,
Where the pindan meets the ocean
And God smiles on the pearly sea
“No where else but here” is what they’ll tell ya in the Kimberley.

Last summer I took a trip
To north west W.A.
Where the sun sets on the Indian ocean
It’s on fire at the end of day,
I went from Broome to Fitzroy Crossing
Where-water-flowed in the table drains
Where the birdlife skites about this wonderland
I’m sure this is what they say…

I took a swim in Gekie gorge
It took my breath away,
Only heaven knows how
This beautiful gorge was made.
I saw the Kimberley moon
Smiling down on me,
I saw the blue tailed Kooka & the Gekko
Sitting on the Boab trees.

I sang gospel songs with the black man
Not all the pearls are in Broome
Where the black fella church is growing strong
I don’t understand all the gloom.
Cos lives there being changed
No need to give up the fight
“In Christ” is the only way
The hope for the black & white.

A true story song from a ministry trip to the Kimberley in North West Australia in December 2006.


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