Forgiveness and salvation are not the same thing

Forgiveness and salvation are not the same thing
For forgiveness excludes the adopted sons ring
Forgiveness is only entrance when you’re born again
Salvation is much more than simply getting in.

Salvation is redemption of will, emotion and mind
Even though the outworking may take you some time
Allowing your nature to rise to the surface and shine
As Christ says to you “come to me and dine”.

Salvation is living wholly in the invisible Kingdom of God
It’s living and experiencing righteousness, peace and joy
It goes beyond forgiveness to living life to enjoy
The inheritance Father gives you because you are His boy.

We are reconciled by His death, but saved by His life
Go and live His life once you have arrived
Relationship forever through the grace of Jesus Christ
For this is why the Father asked the Son to pay the price.


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