What makes Jesus different to other Gods ?

Why is Jesus different asked a person to me one day
What sets Him apart from the rest ?
Why should I know Him more than any other God
So I set out to answer his request.

I asked him is there any other God who lived here on Earth
And worked to try to earn a sweaty crust ?
One who identifies with our hurt and pain
Any other God who comes to us ?.

I showed him that with other God’s that you must pay for sin
By working hard and doing what it asks 
But Jesus came to us to sacrifice Himself
A self sacrificing God you can trust.

A big thing with God is how He motivates us
Fear is not whats on the mind of God
He doesn’t drive or demand things we cannot give
For He only motivates us with His love.

We could also mention grace and love and hIs resurrection
No other God can show an empty tomb
And He lives and dwells in people and not in boring buildings
The trinity has left nothing to assume.

The person looked and stared yet had a smiling face
He saw things he never seen before
I sensed a rising faith and a joy from new belief
Seeing Jesus opens up that door.

Note : The person who asked me this was a prisoner in his cell. The following Sunday afternoon at the prison service, I preached the points that in this poem. Every prisoner in the service, including the prison guard was thinking hard about their faith in Jesus. They all left the service with a fresh view of Jesus, and a re-newed belief that He is the truth. 


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