Universalism is not true

Something again has raised its ugly head
And cashed up preachers will tell
That one day we’ll all be in heaven
And there’s real no place called “hell”.

The Spirit calls it a “wind of doctrine”
it comes and goes as it pleases
But universalism cannot be true
It’s one of those lying diseases.

I would love to think that we are all His
And hell is only a short period of time
But only those who go through The Door
Are those set free from sin’s crime.

We must realize that we are not God
And that He can do as He chooses
We can’t bring Him down to our level
To box Him into what pleases.

God is clear and states with no doubt
That hell is an unquenchable fire
And torment is reserved for robbers and thieves
And false prophets go there with the liar.

Hell is not a place here on Earth
Where suffering is what we all feel
Hell is a place of retributive punishment
There is no “let’s make a deal”.

God is a God of mercy and love
There is no two ways about that
But it’s only for those in the Lamb’s book of life
Otherwise He is a God of wrath.

But God does not send us to hell when we die
You go if your still in your sin
Jesus came to save us from that
And reconcile us back to Him.

Note: universalism is raising its head again. Last time, it was when I was a teenager: it was call ultimate reconciliation then. We have to realize that we can’t reduce God to our level just because there are things about God we don’t like. I wish hell didn’t exist and my loved one never went there. But hell is real, and those who refuse Jesus go there. Ouch !. I don’t like it but it is I a reality whether I like it or not. Hell is not a type pf pergatory where people will get another chance at salvation. Its not in scripture. Its not a short period of time…its eternal. Jesus and the apostles describe hell as a real place of eternal judgement and torment. It is not here now. That’s what this poem is about.


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