Religion has taken away their voice

Why don’t victims have a voice ?
must they stay in alienation ?
Religion has taken away their choice
of inclusion or separation.

The church has a lot to answer for
it has silenced the young people’s cry
it’s closed the one and only door
that answers the victim’s lie.

By the way it looks and sounds and feels
it’s image seems middle class
and seems to offer nothing thats real
thereby draining any semblance of trust.

Its too busy preaching about whats wrong
and behaviour modification
while singing at them irrelevant songs
without nature transformation.

It tells them you must know your place
if you’re a naughty boy
with no help out of Adam’s race
therefore learning to live without joy.

It’s time to bring the message of life
and more than forgiveness of sin
more than just heaven after our time
but the Life that’s imparted within.


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