My prized & precious Uke !

After a hard days work

There’s a pleasure of the few
To have some fun
A late night strum
On a prized and precious Uke !.
It doesn’t look so big
But it looks and feels a beaut
Joy it brings
on those four strings
On a prized & precious Uke !.
Not caring what you think
Your arguments I’ll refute
That it’s too small
To bring pleasure to all
My prized & precious Uke !.
Four verses to this poem
Four strings better than loot
Give me such joy
Brings out the boy
My prized and precious Uke !.

One thought on “My prized & precious Uke !

  1. Peter Hall says:

    Here are some replies i got by e-mail…

    I think it would be a better poem if the 2nd lines ended with, say, spook, nuke and puke. Tony. Sommerset

    Now then, Tony! Console yourself with the thought that poets die young and in poverty. Chris from Suffolk

    I’m sure our bard could rhyme ‘Ukulelay’ with ‘Bridge of Tay’. Fleabit, London

    …or cuppa-tay?. Ray. London

    Once you can accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy. Albert Einstein. Rufus from Virginia USA

    I’m inspired now. Verse rather than poetry, showing off my 0.5 English degree.

    The Limerick

    There was a smart fellow named Bailey
    Fell in love with his new ukulele
    But while having a pluck
    His fingers got stuck
    Now his knuckles need massaging daily

    (note the internal rhyme scheme pluck/stuck/knuckles – there’s a technical term for this which time has erased from my memory). Chris – Suffolk (again ?)

    Thanks all ye ukesters who are budding bards. Loved it !. Peter

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