A town called “Yesterday”

I went for a drive to a town called “Yesterday”

It was a very easy drive to make,
I just closed my eyes and got into my car
Not caring how long the drive will take.
I drove past towns that made me feel so good
Towns with names like “If Only” and “I Wish”,
Then there was “Good Music” and “Things were better then”
I saw “Clear river” where I used to fish.
I looked in the rear view mirror & left “Present Tense” behind
after all there was nothing there for me,
Then I got a flat tyre and ran right out of fuel
Just when I enjoyed what I could see.
I got out of my car and the mosquitoes started to swarm
I don’t remember these irritating little things,
I was near “Rose Coloured Glasses” next to “Distorted view”
Around the bend from “False Memory Springs”.
I got back in the car and drove through “Disappointed”
On the way back home unprepared,
I didn’t like what I saw and wanted to go home 
Cos at “Yesterday” I found there was nothing there.
When I got home, I opened my eyes
My mind playing tricks again,
There is no life in living the past
But only in looking ahead.

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