Giving people time to change

We are all bought up to think a certain way

We are all bought up by people having their say
But what might have been wisdom way back then
May not be truth but only have been a trend.
What is taught to us as gospel is only culture
That help prop up their communities wobbly structures
So when you tell people to think & change their mind
don’t be surprised when they see it as a crime.
You have to give people time to clear their mind
give them grace because this can take much time
Wisdom will teach you transition is what they need
while they think about what you want them to heed.
Look at Moses and His veil with fading glory
This is about ushering in the new covenant story
Its about how the old covenant gives way to the new
and how we need to redefine what is really true.
In the book of Acts you can see and feel the tension
how the baptism of the Spirit bought much apprehension
the new covenant puts people in unchartered waters
give them time for their thinking to become broader.
The new testament was written to people in a transition
from old laws and ways to a brand new outlook & mission
When speaking to people about seeking His face
remember they only know methods and not His grace.

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