LBJ’s war wasn’t just in vietnam

In the 1960’s Australia got hit with purple rain
Australians were told to say “all the way with LBJ”
LBJ invited himself to this southern land
He caused our government to send our troops to Vietnam.

I was just a little boy when a letter came in the mail
My dad said his conscription meant the war could never fail
LBJ would care for him & for this southern land
So he sailed from Sydney harbour to fight the battle of Long Tan.

In the main street of Sydney town the crowd protested loud
LBJ divided a land so young, so strong & proud
For Aussies were divided for the first time in this land
Can you see LBJ’s war wasn’t just in Vietnam ?.

This summer of love was anything but in the place they call down under
Our innocence & families LBJ did plunder
Every year on remembrance day I salute & shed a tear
For the orphans who cry out “no war”, the president will hear.
Us orphans who cry out “no war”, we know the president will hear.

Story – a man from the USA asked me to write a 60’s protest song from an Australian perspective. I don’t even know if this is all true, but it made a good song !.

Click here for the song (simple production of vocal and guitar. 4.2 mb)

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