To rise above the crowd

A tension within cries out so strong

An emotion dynamic and loud
To stand up tall for what I believe
To stand and rise above the crowd.
I believe in Jesus Christ
That’s my peg in the sand
But sometimes I get a bit timid
And tempted not to rise as a man.
The culture around cries out to all
To do what feels best for you
But I see many people damaged by that
Who haven’t got much of a clue
That doing what ever you feel is good
Catches up with you in the end
I hurt for people damaged and crushed
By the message the culture now sends.
I don’t want to make or give any rules
For I know they never will work
All they do is bind up people
And cause them to grieve and to hurt
But I must speak and rise above the crowd
And say there is a better way
A relationship with Love Himself
Is the simplicity of the message I say.
If you don’t like the things I say
You have a right to refuse
the greatest message that ever was told
And keep doing the things you do.
So now as I rise above the crowds
And be bold to speak with all might
Please listen to me and do not reject
The message of Jesus Christ !.

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