It’s new years eve again

Its new year’s eve again

Hearing new year’s resolutions
From people looking forward
For answers and solutions.
To unfulfilled lives
And inner thoughts unspoken 
But already dissapointment
Comes from inner vows now broken.
This very strange tradition 
Comes but once a year
Where people make a promise
To break it without fear.
Strength will never come
Only from those things internal
But our faith and trust 
In Him who is eternal.
Story – A 18 years old pregant girl came to my wife for a prayer that will change everything in her life. She was disappointed when my wife said that there is no such prayer; that she is going to have to apply the grace of God to her life, and to renew her mind. She also made a new years resolution that she broke before new years eve. So much for self help !.

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